Nobody really wants to think about death, wills and probate. Unfortunately, though, we all will die eventually.  Hence, it is crucial that you make a Will and understand the probate process.

If a loved one has just passed away, it is really difficult to understand what you should do next to get access to the person’s assets and how to distribute them to the rightful beneficaries.  This is where the probate lawyer comes in to help you.

Here are five good reasons why you might need a probate lawyer.

  1. Get access to the estate as soon as possible

When a loved one dies, you wont get access to the estate straight away.  All your loved one’s properties, insurance policies, investments and bank accounts will be frozen.   You cannot just walk ito the banks and request that they transfer the deceased’s assets to you.  You need to get probate.

With the help of a probate lawyer, you can quicken the process. This way you can gain access to the estate much faster, which means the distribution of the assets is completed much earlier than without any legal assistance.

  1.   Avoid any dispute or conflict

When there is substantial assets that have been left behind by a loved one, there is always a risk of tension between family members about the inheritance. This can further intensify without legal assistance.

That’s why it’s best to eliminate the chances of any conflict arising in the family. With the help of a probate lawyer, there will be greater clarity and transparency in the probating process.  There will be less anger and less confusion when a professional probate lawyer is engaged in the probate process.

  1.  Avoid probate rejection by the court

When you apply for Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration, the Family Justic Court will require proper submission of legal documents.  These legal documents require full and proper information to be set out. If any mistakes are made in this process, this could cause the court to reject your application. This means you cannot get access to the estate and you cannot distribute the assets.

But if you hire a probate lawyer, you can be sure that the risk of your probate being rejected by the court is significantly reduced.

  1.  No delays

Almost everyone hires a probate lawyer.  By hiring a lawyer, you can ensure that everything is taken care of and that all the beneficiaries receive their assets in a timely matter.

  1. Protect the estate from claims

A probate lawyer can help you to protect your estate from claims, especially from people who may seek to lay an unjust claim on a inheritance.

Get the Help You Need

At PKWA LAW, our probate team can help you with your probate application. If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you, contact us online or call us today at 6854-5336.  Our probate fees start from $1,200.

Our Probate Fees

We charge just $1,200 for a Grant of Probate and $1,500 for Letters of Administration.


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