An uncontested divorce occurs when you and your spouse are able to agree to a divorce and on all ancillary issues (such as custody of children, division of assets and house and maintenance) among yourselves before you file for divorce.

At PKWA Law,  because of our expertise and vast experience, we normally obtain Interim Judgment (temporary divorce) within 3 to 4 weeks of our clients engaging us.  We normally obtain Final Judgment 3 months later.

PKWA Family Lawyers are Divorce Specialists in Singapore

At PKWA Law, we have one of the largest and most formidable teams of family lawyers.  All our lawyers are family law specialists – we do only family law.  Because we only do family law, we often obtain successful outcomes relying on our specialisation and expertise in family law.

Once you engage us, we will do everything for you and take care of the case until you obtain your divorce.

What are the main terms of agreement that you and your spouse must reach?

In order to obtain an uncontested divorce in Singapore,  you and your spouse must reach agree on the following items before you engage us:

  • Reason for the divorce.
  • Custody of children.
  • Division of matrimonial property.
  • Division of other matrimonial assets (such as cash, stocks).
  • Maintenance for the spouse.
  • Maintenance for the children.

PKWA Law Uncontested Divorce Fixed Fee Packages

Our Fees for Uncontested Divorce are one of the most affordable in Singapore and are easy to understand.  You pay just:

 $1,500 all in (if there are no children, no property and no maintenance) 


$2,500 all in (if there are children, properties and maintenance).

Established sine 1988, PKWA Law is one of Singapore’s largest family law firms.

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